Car care: interior cleaning

 For most people, cleaning their car interiors stops after vacuuming. Even if it looks clean at first glance, it has little to do with a thorough cleaning.

However, you should also clean your car yourself about every two weeks, i.e. vacuum, clean the windows and wipe the fittings with a microfiber cloth. Professional interior cleaning is recommended once a year in order to effectively remove deep-seated stains, dust particles and hair.

Interior cleaning by professionals - as clean as a new car

A professional cleaning service needs between three and four hours for a compact car with average soiling. That sounds like a very long time at first, but it corresponds to the actual effort for complete interior cleaning.

The car is systematically cleaned in a total of eight steps - from vacuuming and shampooing to the final scent. The result ultimately also reflects the effort: An interior as clean as a new car. Such cleaning costs between CHF 250.- and CHF 500.-.

Especially smokers' cars or vehicles in which dogs ride, experience a real rebirth through professional cleaning. For example, a car can be relieved of unsavory cigarette smell with a special ozone treatment.

How does a professional car interior cleaning work?


The first step is the most complex. Thoroughly vacuuming the seats, floors and trunk takes a lot of time. And yet, according to experts, the car is only 20 to 30 percent cleaned afterwards. You shouldn't put the vacuum cleaner in the cupboard yet - you'll need it later. Important: Remove all carpets and loose objects beforehand.

compressed air

Ventilation slots, buttons, and hard-to-reach areas can be easily cleaned of dust and dirt with compressed air. Allergy sufferers and people sensitive to dust should regularly "blow" their car through with compressed air.

Fittings and spaces

An ordinary all-purpose cleaner is sufficient to clean the fittings, door rebates and other spaces. Important: clean with a microfiber cloth. Not only is it cleaner, it also protects the materials.


Bacteria, dust, and dirt particles collect in the seat cushions and floors that even the most powerful vacuum cleaner cannot capture. These can be eliminated by shampooing. Warning: do not

shampoo leather on principle!


The professional loves this device. The Tornador is a kind of cleaning gun with a rotating nozzle that combines compressed air with cleaning agents. For example, interior doors and carpets can be cleaned efficiently. A good alternative between vacuuming and shampooing.

foot mats

The mats were removed at the beginning and are now cleaned outside the car. All dirt is removed from floor mats and carpets by vacuuming and then shampooing. The Tornador is a little faster and almost as effective.

Clean the windows

The professional recommends window cleaners with alcohol. It dries faster and doesn't leave any unsightly streaks behind. By the way: The old motorway vignette can be removed easily and without leaving any residue with a little window cleaner and a blade.

Fragrance note

Last but not least, the vacuum cleaner is used again. Simply vacuum through the car again. Finally, you can spray a few splashes of car perfume on the carpets and seats. Now the inside of the car not only looks brand new, but it also smells like it.

Tips from experts for interior cleaning

What can you do about dog hair? A strong vacuum cleaner and a hair scraper will remove most of the hair. However, it is advisable to go to a professional if you want to have them completely removed. By the way, allergy sufferers should also bear this in mind when buying second-hand goods.

Which spots should you react to immediately? Milk stains and vomit are very difficult to remove once they have dried up.

Which mistakes should one absolutely avoid when cleaning? Cleaning concentrate is often used undiluted. This can lead to permanent damage. Leather should also always be treated with leather care products.

What do you need if you want to clean the inside of your car yourself? Vacuum cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and window cleaners, household paper, and microfiber cloth. There are good products from Riwax, Sonax, and Maxolen, for example.

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Car care: interior cleaning

 For most people, cleaning their car interiors stops after vacuuming. Even if it looks clean at first glance, it has little to do with a tho...